The Kingdom of Caeleth is a sizable political territory occupying the northeastern corner of the continent. A monarchy, the Kingdom was previously ruled by Queen Lucia Caesarra prior to her recent death, commencing a period of upheaval in regards to her heir. A coastal kingdom, the country makes contact with water to the northern and eastern borders.

The Kingdom of Caeleth is comprised of twelve provinces. The provinces themselves are not necessarily contiguous, as hundreds of independent or protected fiefdoms exist, many not in easy range of each other.

Known Provinces

  • Fothair Finn: An economic center of power located towards the northeastern portion of the kingdom. Home to the miserly master merchants of House Moorhead, among others.
  • Hallowridge: Far to the west of the kingdom, bordering the Dovain mountain pass, Hallowridge plays host to a fair number of monsters and dark creatures, held at bay only by the province’s hardy and seasoned folk. Ruled by House Kemper.
  • The Silverreach: Home to the most prosperous silver mines in the kingdom, the Silverreach is a land run by ambition, greed, and manipulation, led by House Blacktower.

Known Fiefdoms

  • Orinach: Located at the northeastern tip of the continent, Orinach is a peninsula and fiefdom accustomed to harsh winters and hard work.
  • Brotherhood of the Black Banner: Formerly the lands of the now defunct House Meclindin and home to the ruthlessly effective Bannermen.
  • Red Riverlands: The kingdom’s first bastion of defense against the periodic native invading forces from the south, ruled by House Gentry.

Related Regions

  • Western Isles: At one time a kingdom of its own, according to legends of the Second Age; now overrun with monsters and darkness, and fit for no human’s lives.
  • Miridos: A warmer, coastal region to the south of Caeleth, a common trade partner for the amenities of the chillier north but one heavy with the activity of pirates and privateers.


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